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Why choose us?

Dr. Eisenkop has dedicated his life to the treatment of women with gynecologic malignancies. He believes in maximal effort and appropriate treatment with surgery and chemotherapy.  At the Women’s Cancer Center of Southern California Dr. Eisenkop provides surgical treatment including truly maximal effort “debulking” surgery for advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer with the best survival in the medical literature, minimally invasive surgery with laparoscopy and da Vinci robotic procedures for most patients with uterine cancer and selective patients with cervical cancer while providing chemotherapy and follow-up care for his patients.

Dr. Eisenkop also serves as a vital link for local gynecologists who rely on his assistance with difficult benign surgeries performed laparoscopically, robotically, and if necessary “open” while also providing crucial assistance with operative emergencies.

The Women’s Cancer Center of Southern California understands the many challenges of defeating cancer and strains of living with cancer, short term or long term, and we offer free monthly group therapy sessions with a licensed therapist to assist patients in their time of need.  Our staff is available to aid patients with coordinating necessary tests, procedures and paperwork both prior to and after treatment.


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